Wednesday, January 26, 2011

HOLY SMOKES! Where did the time go?

I just ran across my blog as I was looking for a site in my diigo account--OMG, WHERE DID THE LAST 5 MONTHS GO??!! Seriously, the year has flown by. I dearly love working at Campbell Elementary and have a secret wish that the librarian on leave dearly loves being a stay-at-home mommy & decides to stay home longer! (but I understand if she doesn't)
Fall was a blur with grad class & our own children's activities amped up--plus my DH finally has his own elementary library of his own and LOVES it. So add two new jobs to the mix (and a cruise over fall break with my entire family)--YIKES!
Campbell is a building of about 700 students and I am busy all the time (as I write this during my lunch break...). I have been working on building up the chapter book selection in the building & student excitement says I am on the right path. I have collaborated with many teachers, gotten to know most of the students, and am enjoying the lovely busy-ness of my days. Second semester brings research to all grades, so I expect to get even MORE busy. Daily I have Kindergarten, 2 Gr. 1 reading groups, a Kindergarten gifted lit group, Gr. 1, 2 & 3 checkout. Weekly I have Gr. 4 & 5 book talks. Plus the as needed research time--this with 4-6 classes per grade. Luckily I have a paraprofessional extraordinaire--I would be a nut case without her.
Well, time for no more. Received several hundred books in the last week, still displaying, sending off to process--much to do.