Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well, students arrive tomorrow...

And while I have many ideas floating around in my head...and on various papers in various piles on my desk, I officially have NO plans down! YIKES! Luckily I have my morning free (after speaker set up/tear down) to finally sit down & organize my thoughts, papers & desk! (Luckily I HAVE been keeping up on my twitter feeds & delicious account is organized. Now if I could only find time to follow the many wonderful blogs I have bookmarked...I know I should do RSS, but am afraid I will be overwhelmed)
Have been VERY busy the last 5 work days (meetings 2 days)...but mostly becoming familiar with and displaying the collection and doing things for others. Tomorrow I will be the furthest thing from teacher's minds (unless there are technology mishaps) so it will be my time to focus on what I need to do for STUDENTS. (I sure need a day to focus on MY files, too...)
My husband's school began reading the book, Teach to Your Strengths (Gallup) at their PLC last week & encouraged me to go buy it (so I could take the strength test...). I read the intro & the first 2 paragraphs of the first chapter & I am already fired up! It already reminded me what a great teacher I am. LOVE IT! Will share more as time progresses.
So the kiddos are in bed at a more reasonable time for an early wake up call tomorrow...wait, that's me, too...better go...night!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Well...I'm BACK...AGAIN!

OMG--WHAT happened to summer??!! OK, I remember...a trip w/ DH; summer library; library workshop/grad class; baseball, baseball, baseball; a solo trip; OH...AND I GOT A FULL-TIME MEDIA POSITION! (wait, we are now School Librarians) AND my DH got a full-time media, er, school librarian position also! We are both SO SO excited. So needless to say I have let this entirely fall to the wayside (aren't I supposed to have MORE time in the summer--HA!) I have spent several days this summer researching websites & reorganizing my delicious account--and honestly could easily spend another day or two doing more. But summer is getting away from me and suddenly I have SO much to wrap up at home before the school year starts--in NINE days!!!
I have spent one day at my new media center--actually half a day--and it is BEAUTIFUL! A wall of windows opening to the courtyard, a lovely open room. I am officially on a one year only contract, and while there are some things I would really like to change I certainly don't feel I can make any major changes until I know the position is permanent (keep your fingers crossed!) So I am pondering what small changes I can make that will make me feel like I have put my touch on it, while keeping it manageable to put back the way I found things should it come to that.
I am responsible for Kindergarten 50 minutes/day and small reading support groups 60 minutes/day. So I have a nice chunk of the day to meet with classes for checkout and groups. AND I have a paraprofessional--lovely! DH has NO daily groups and a paraprofessional. We are both realizing how VERY lucky we are. More & more school librarians are being pulled into the specialist rotation to cover plan time. I understand this seems like a smart move to administrators and teachers, but many of these school librarians (MOST) seem to be doing this without a paraprofessional. YES, we are TEACHERS first--but we are also managers of the collection. So if we are in the specials rotation full-time, we may as well go back to classroom--it would be less work! (RIGHT...like I'd go back to the classroom) Really our position is being taken advantage of--we are being asked to be responsible for more than specialists/classroom teacher with no compensation. It is an advocacy battle we must fight EVERYDAY.
WOW--I'm hooked on the caps today! lol. Well...I have my final project due this week for my grad class & I have decided we are having a garage sale this week. I think I am NUTS!