Monday, February 8, 2010

A first year...half over...

I am starting this blog to document my growth as a librarian. (I prefer media specialist, but that always seems to require further explanation..."Librarian", so why fight it?) This is my first year in a library--well, two--and what a ride it has been!
First, a little history about me. I have been an elementary teacher for 20 years in Lincoln Public Schools in Lincoln, Nebraska. I have taught in a number of buildings and have taught every grade, in addition to PE, Music, Computer, Art, Science & Gifted (phew!) With the increasing emphasis on tests, I was looking for a more creative outlet for my talents, while still being able to work with children. Our district was looking to increase the pool for media specialists as many reach retirement age. So my husband and I decided to begin our graduate journey at the University of Omaha, led by the amazing Dr. Rebecca Pasco. With three very active preteens/teens and two full-time jobs, it is a challenge, but one that is truly a joy. I am astounded how so many of my professional moves feel like a "just right" fit--once again, this is such a good fit.
Next, a summary of my graduate journey and where I am today.

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