Monday, February 8, 2010

Graduate school...and a job!

We began our graduate journey Winter of 2008. Digital Learning...discovered wikis, blogs & podcasts. Summer brought Young Adult Literature--all we did for 3 weeks was read & write! (at least I could read at the pool!) Fall was loony with 2 courses...Methods & Reference Resources. But it was necessary to ensure we had enough credits to get a provisional endorsement the summer of 2009--so we could begin applying for positions! Spring brought Cataloging; it was so peaceful to only have one class!
Spring & summer brought a whirwind of openings, applications and interviews. Unfortunately several positions being cut to less than half-time didn't make things any easier for us. I was offered a position at 2 buildings--Saratoga Elementary and Brownell Elementary where I had been for the last 8 years. My husband did not get a position, so it was a bit bittersweet for me. But in retrospect, we realized we didn't "sell" ourselves enough to prospective principals--sheer ignorance on that one! Needless to say another year has made us more knowledgable on that one!

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  1. LPS has and is getting two of the best. The kids will be the bebeficiaries. You'll always have the support you need.