Friday, May 21, 2010

Life takes over again!

Gee whiz! You would think the end of the school year would leave me MORE time to attend to this blog. Not so much! In one building we are painting & the schedule has changed hourly! Luckily I realized some time ago that flexibility is essential in this position. I believe that I have always been a fairly flexible person, but even more so now. Painters in your space requires some packing & moving of things away from wall...but it also requires some rescheduling of groups. Fun, fun, fun!
Luckily there are only 9 days of school left (and SO much to get done...). We have the public libraries presentations on summer library. (I will have summer library for 3 hours/week in each of my buildings) Both buildings have carnivals this evening. One building has a school-wide picnic next week, while the other has a field day. I am hosting author Helen Lester next week--I am VERY excited about this! And I am pleased to say that her visit is partially being funded by a grant that I applied for--my first grant application ever!
Well, just wanted to pop in..back to my journey another day...

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