Tuesday, May 4, 2010

WOW! Life takes over!

10 weeks since my last post??!! NO WAY! I swear I just posted! I have been busy busy busy both in my medias and at home. Baseball season started the end of March but I am not entirely sure why I was so crazy the 6 weeks before that. OH WELL, I am here now!
Back to the beginnings...once that HUGE order was placed, I could focus on what my responsibilities were and figuring out how to get it all in each day.
One of my biggest frustrations was technology. I would create a lesson plan for the lab only to have sites crash, computers not work, etc. I learned VERY quickly to have a Plan B (and C...and D...sometimes even E & F!) Computing services was out several times getting every computer up & running. But we got there!
We have a new checkout system/card catalog in our district this year so one of my first undertakings was to teach every student and adult in each building to use that system as well as make sure they knew where to locate the resources they were seeking on the shelves. Once everyone was relatively independent in finding resources using the card catalog and the Dewey Decimal system, that gave me more time to assist students in areas other than simply resource locating.
Additionally, the district had just added several digital online resources. Teachers and students alike tend to default to Google when researching, and these new online resources are a more efficient method to drive research. I presented an overview of all the online resources to each staff, while I presented them one at a time to classes as they were appropriate for their research needs. Our new writing curriculum is research-driven in third and fourth quarters at all grade levels, so I wanted each class to be prepared BEFORE moving into the research project. Students and teachers alike were very excited with the new resources and they are used daily in each media.

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